Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sydney Day 6 – Taronga Zoo

We got up and packed our suitcase so we could check out around 8am (it gets hellishly busy later on!) and put our suitcase in the storage room to pick up before we head to the airport.
After that we got the ferry to Circular Quay again for our breakfast date with Ronja. We met up at the City News to have a coffee. Ela and Ronja both had the raisin toast combo deal, but I’d ha something to eat already and wasn’t hungry. We caught up with Ronja for an hour or so and then headed off to Taronga Zoo with the ferry. I’d found a special for Qantas Frequent Flyers that got you one admission free for every adult full-priced entry. Bargain!
The zoo itself isn’t that big, nor does it have a huge variety of animals. It does have a spectacular view though! I just took some photos as we wandered around. Ela loves tigers, so there’s a few of those where I tried to get really good ones. We were only at the zoo about 4 hours, but that was enough. And if you want to go – take lunch. It’s expensive, crappy and long queues at the zoo!
Some pictures:
Taronga ZooTaronga ZooTaronga ZooElephant Temple, Taronga Zoo
Zoo with a view:
Sydney Harbour from Taronga ZooSydney Harbour seen from Taronga Zoo
The Tasmanian devils were cute but fierce little things! They’re in dire straits in the wild with 75% of the population dying of a horrible face cancer virus that the entire population is prone to:
Tasmanian Devil, Taronga Zoo
and some other living things:
Water Dragon, Taronga ZooInsects at Taronga ZooRed Kangaroos, Taronga ZooCrocodile at Taronga ZooPenguin, Taronga ZooSeal, Taronga ZooElephants, Taronga Zoo
Gorillas, Taronga ZooChimpanzees, Taronga ZooTaronga ZooTaronga ZooTaronga Zoo
We were there for the giraffe feeding. That was really nice. I got some good shots there of the cheeky things:
Giraffes, Taronga ZooGiraffes, Taronga ZooGiraffes, Taronga ZooGiraffes, Taronga ZooGiraffes, Taronga Zoo
The big cats. The snow leopards were hiding up the back and the tigers were having a good old snooze, as were the lions.
Snow Leopards, Taronga ZooSnow Leopards, Taronga ZooSnow Leopards, Taronga ZooSnow Leopards, Taronga ZooLions, Taronga ZooLions, Taronga Zoo
The tiger family show was on just after we’d left their enclosure, so we doubled back and I tried to get more photos. The ‘show’ was extremely popular, so it was very difficult to get close enough to the glass to take a picture, but at least they got up and walked around and played a bit:
DSC01832DSC01836Tiger family, Taronga ZooTiger family, Taronga ZooTiger family, Taronga ZooTiger family, Taronga ZooTiger family, Taronga ZooTiger family, Taronga Zoo

We wandered around a bit more to look at some more animals and birds:
Golden Pheasant, Taronga ZooTaronga ZooTaronga ZooTapir, Taronga ZooBinturong, Taronga ZooBinturong, Taronga ZooFishing Cat, Taronga ZooTaronga ZooTaronga ZooKoala, Taronga ZooWallaby, Taronga ZooTaronga ZooEmu, Taronga Zoo
We took the cable car (yes, another one!) to the other end of the zoo and got the ferry back to Circular Quay and then back to Darling Harbour for the last time. We collected our suitcase and got the various trains and trams to the airport. Ela thought that the good 2 hours I’d allowed us before the flight was too much, but we were hard-pressed to even eat our dinner at the airport. Of course after rushing through that, we found our flight was delayed! But only 35 minutes or so, not that bad.
And that was the end of that holiday! Back to planning my European trip in June and July…