Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ireland Day 15 – Dalkey Area

Today, I was supposed to do a tour of Powerscourt Gardens, Glendolough and Wicklow Mountains. I walked to the Busari (bus station) to get my tour, which took me past this colourful house and Customs House:

IMG_5497 IMG_5498

After waiting around for the bus for nearly half an hour, and seeing all the 10am buses being called, except for mine, I enquired at the Information Desk. I was eventually told that the tour was cancelled because there were only 5 people wanting to go on it. I’d already paid for it so got my refund. They offered me a tour to Glendolough, but that was of less interest to me, and it was just a ride there and back for 20 Euro. So I decided to follow my alternative plan and take a train ride (DART) out to Dalkey, since the weather was beautiful. Bus Eirinn (the tour operators) gave me a lift to Tara Station, and I got a return ticket (4.20 Euro!) for my day trip. Much cheaper than the 32 Euro tour! I took a couple of pictures out of the train window, though that often worked as well as taking them out the bus window – lots of speed blur and brick walls and trees instead of what I wanted in the picture:

IMG_5506 IMG_5511

Dalkey is an historic town and has some really beautiful houses in the village centre, as well as the outskirts. People like Enya and Bono live in this area and you can see why! I wandered through the town, heading for the Information Centre, located at Goat Castle:

IMG_5514 IMG_5516

At the castle, I did a tour of Goat Castle for 6 Euro, mainly because the tour was by actors dressed in Tudor costumes. It was quite fun, and the views from the top of the tower were great:

IMG_5549 IMG_5521 

 IMG_5527 IMG_5533

 IMG_5534 IMG_5541

I stopped for lunch so I could use the free wifi, at a little cafe up the road. The coffee was absolutely awful, but at least I could use the wifi! I’d put my Samsung Galaxy down on the table, letting it synch, while I placed my order, and some guy stopped by my table (right behind me) and I was wondering what he was up to. When I’d placed my order and returned to my table he asked me about it. He’d recognised it and complained about his HTC Desire to me and wanted to know about the Galaxy and have a hold of it. I showed him a few of its features and let him hold and covet. :-) (Guy brought an iPad with him and he told me later that people are always asking him about it).

I’d bought a guidebook for 4 walks around Dalkey at Goat Castle (I thought it was a rip-off at 3.95 Euro for this 12 page booklet, which needed some grammar checking at that!), so I sat and planned my route. I’d decided to combine two or 3 walks into mine. I did walk 3 and 4 (which included bits of 1 and 2), taking me up Killiney Hill to the Telegraph Castle above the old quarry, and to the Pyramid on another hill and then into Killiney before heading back to Dalkey and then walking past the harbours and down to Sandycove Station to catch the DART back to Dublin in time for dinner with Donna and Guy.

So at about 1pm, having finished my lunch, I headed up the hill. I’d dressed warmly, thinking I’d need it going up the mountain, but I stripped down to t-shirt and vest soon enough! It was hard work!:



I continued up the hill, past the playground and through the quarry, heading towards Telegraph Castle first off:


For some beautiful 360 degree views with Dunleary harbour on one side, and Killiney beach and the Wicklow Mountains on the other:

IMG_5587IMG_5577  IMG_5572-5573_stitch


Then I headed to the other hill with the Pyramids on it, passing through some beautiful forest:

IMG_5596  IMG_5597

and conquering the first pyramid:





Then I headed back down but this time into Killiney, past the old gate, which is lived in and the tower section is used as an artist’s studio (I could see the painting and paintbrushes):


Just past this, heading toward the coast, are some beautiful houses and a castle (Enya’s place!):


Once I reached the road closest to the coast, I walked towards Killiney first, before turning around and heading into Dalkey again. This is where Bono lives, apparently, though I’m not sure exactly which house. Whoever lives along this section of road must be filthy, filthy rich:

IMG_5631 IMG_5641

IMG_5643 IMG_5646

I now headed towards Dalkey to walk alongside the coast past the harbours and had a great view of Goat Island with its church ruin and tower on it:



Corolie harbour was tiny, but very pretty:


I walked past some more beautiful, posh private properties:



The next harbour I passed was Bulloch Harbour, opposite Bulloch Castle which is maintained by Carmelite nuns:

IMG_5690 IMG_5696

Then there were more posh homes on my way to James Joyce’s Martello Tower and the 40 foot swimming pool:

IMG_5700 IMG_5703


Note the crazy people swimming:


I was getting close to my limit. My feet were killing me by this time, from the miles and miles I had walked, but the station was still about 2km away. The views made up for it though:

IMG_5716 IMG_5718

IMG_5722 IMG_5720

I was never so happy to sit down as I was when I got on the train back into Dublin! By the time I got there, it was pouring rain at the other end. I was so, so lucky with the weather today! I quickly went in search of somewhere to connect with wifi to find out where to meet Donna and Guy for dinner. Unfortunately, it was after 6pm by now, so I was too late to meet them at their hotel as per suggestion, at 5.30pm. I wrote Guy on Facebook to tell him I was on the way there anyway, but of course got no response (they don’t have free wifi at their hotel!). I headed there anyway on the off-chance they’d still be around and came across them just before the turnoff to their hotel. I was so glad I didn’t walk that distance for nothing and that I’d see them again. We had dinner about 20 steps away (thank goodness!) in what looked like a classy bar like I’d been in in Singapore. They served excellent, and reasonably priced Thai food.

Afterwards, we went back to their hotel, the Shelborne, since I’d been dying to see the inside of that. I had already photographed the outside when I was here the first few days but hadn’t dared go inside. Guy and I went exploring (and photographing) the posh interior:

IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5732

IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5736 IMG_5746 IMG_5749

I went back to their room and we looked at my photos from the day and had a glass of good Aussie wine before saying goodbye til we meet again, either in the U.S. or in Aus.

I caught a taxi back to the hotel, since I was too worn out to walk any further and didn’t set any alarm for a change. Flying to Manchester tomorrow evening, but will do nothing (except catch up on my photos and blog) for a change!